Hello there, and thanks for stopping by. I hear you like food blogs? Well, let me tell you, starting one is easily accomplished when following this 3-step process:

  • Empty a bottle of wine with a (much more) talented artsy friend and decide in the middle of your boozy rush that “there has to be something more than work” and why not “create a cookbook with my own recipes” – after all, I do enjoy fattening up friends and family with homemade tasties
  • Procrastinate for 6-9 months, doing nothing, but constantly “brainstorm” about ideas for said cookbook
  • Wait for christmas to roll around, where you can be at a loss for decent present ideas, then remember that DIY was all the hype in 2014 and what about this cookbook idea? After which you somehow, magically, actually do it, only to realize that this would have been great fun all along and why not make this into an ongoing project – because after all, there has to be something more than work to life, right?

So this is how a little black apron came about – not as my major scheme to become a millionaire, or because I am such a talented cook that I couldn’t hold the genius in any longer. I really just enjoy spending time in my kitchen, in front of my laptop and behind my camera. I also really appreciate that all of these activities can be done in my PJs. I write in German and English, because I am pretty sure half of my visitors is my family, and because there are not enough bilingual blogs out there.

Other than that, I have a regular job in Digital Marketing, a sweet husband and I hate onions – which is why I skip them in recipes, whenever I can. I love to travel, be it a short weekend trip to London or a couple of weeks in Asia, watch too much TV, I hate winter and I am really indifferent towards celeb gossip.

So that’s that – again, thanks for stopping by and don’t hesitate to reach out.